What Little Bit Has Taught Me About Living

We, as human guardians, often find ourselves teaching our pets how to live in the world – where to walk, when to sit, how to behave. I find myself to be the one who’s learning… one Little Bit at a time.


If you feel like it, roll around on your back and put your feet in the air.

Defend what is yours, and know when to step away.

When something matters to you, fight with every fiber of your being, and be smart about how.

If you are tired, go to sleep.

If something is awry, speak up. It's OK if you get it wrong - at least your voice rang out.

If you want to watch TV, do it. And enjoy.

Look up, look out, look in.

Eat your food at your own pace – perhaps with dance moves and breaks in the mix – and savor. every. morsel.

Don't let someone else's barking and whining define your experience. Stand your ground. Tune out the noise. And continue on, in your own way. 

Play more than you fight.

Let yourself be loved. Just. How. You. Are.

Bear your teeth when you need to.

Don't let others rush you. Their hurry does not need to be yours.

If you feel ferocious, be ferocious.

Love with every fiber of your being, because you are capable of it.

Your emotions are your strength. Wear them on your sleeve. Use them to guide you.

There is as much joy in the pursuit as in the retrieval.

It is just as rewarding to celebrate someone else's accomplishments as it is to attain your own.

Keep your eye on the ball. And then enjoy the chase.

Little Bit!

Little Bit!